The most recent album I bought: Bubblegum Graveyard by Apache Dropout


Ok so maybe part of the reason I bought it was because I like the cover. It’s certainly an “aesthetic of it’s very own”. Retro. Pink. Blue. Bubblegum. Crazed undead Where’s Waldo guys. The promise of weird music.

I like weird things. Heh heh.

Favorite lyrics: (spoken) There’s a dune buggy outside! Let’s go!

It’s not a life-changing album or anything. That said, it was interesting and definitely worth listening to. A solid Pitchfork 7, if you must know. The whole album, though not doing anything that bands haven’t really done before, had this weird Midwestern ghoulish candyish vibe. They really pulled off the whole candy/ghost/retro theme well.

It sounded country-tinted and garage rock-y. It has these pleasing melodies and guitar hooks but there wasn’t really enough there to keep me listening over and over. Just a kind fun, harmonious, playful bubblegum album. My sister thought I was a freak when I was listening to it in my bedroom. Once you hear it you’ll know why.

A plus: it’s on this gray/pink vinyl that is very pleasing to look at. Makes me think of brains.

Go off now! Listen!


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