It shines on roses and gardenias

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageGlass Candy

This week was a very Glass Candy week for me in terms of what I wore, so I will write about Glass Candy.Glass Candy is a two-piece electronic band currently residing in Canada, I believe. The lead singer is named Ida No, which I realized sounds like “I dunno” after weeks of having first read that name on Gorilla Vs. Bear. She’s really weird and always reminds me to wear green, pink and blue together like the most mod, Andy-Warhol -inspired Buddhist plastic flamingo. She seems to exist in her own private fantasy world of dreams and color. And no wonder the music makes me think of fashion, it was used in about 3 different high-profile fashion shows, including Chanel Haute Couture and Chloe.

It’s melodic! It’s pretty! It’s pop! It’s disco! It’s inspired by Marilyn Monroe and Kraftwerk!

The music is really melodious and fun-sounding, but still interesting to listen over and over and over. It seems like it would be really fun to dance to if you knew how to dance to music like this. Johnny Jewel, the guy who does all of the instrumentation in the band, is the most amazing guy to ever draw black eyeliner tears on his face. He’s been a part of so many other musical projects that I’ve loved too, like SYMMETRY and The Chormatics.

The music bursts and wobbles. There are big, brassy synths and violin-sounding synths and bell-like synths, some of which you don’t even notice until listening to the music 50 billion times. It becomes a sound that I’ve fallen so in love with. It gets stuck in your head for days. It sounds so vintage, and yet so new, especially with Ida No’s vocals which sound like a slightly bored and extremely fashion-forward French 60’s it-girl singing from a bright stage in an underground nightclub. The vocals often merge into a sort of idyllic-sounding half-spoken monologue about fantasy and truth.


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