This is the Dream of Win and Regine


A picture from the very best concert ever.

Oh my gosh Arcade Fire.

I can’t even begin.

I saw them for the first time on the Grammy’s. They were the weirdest band ever, all French and energetic and neon.

Through iTunes Concert Tracker I found out that they were doing a concert in my area. I begged my dad to buy me tickets, and for whatever reason he actually bought them.

The concert was the most beautiful thing ever. To my dying day I will remember the way my knees got all wobbly as I walked in and The National (the opening band) was playing. The lead singer had this baritone voice that kind of bores into your soul. I almost felt like crying for the entire set.

I will never forget Regine’s sparkly dress or the way the crowd literally EXPLODED for the last song. Or the way everything smelled like aloe shampoo.

After two hours of watching Arcade Fire cry and sweat and dance and sing, I was a changed person. There was this whole world that I didn’t even know about, which had suddenly just come running up and knocked me over.

After that I spent all of my free time listening to Arcade Fire, watching them do these adorable interviews that I literally thought about for days after, and practicing violin so I could one day have similar levels of violin virtuosity to Sarah Neufeld. My Arcade Fire t-shirt is still one of my prized possessions.

Also, their whole aesthetic of broken-down, suburbia, the backs of signs, rust, combined with neon and brightness and noise really seriously affected me.


As well as their earlier weird folk black and white creepy film noir aesthetic with trees.


It’s amazing the effect music can have on you at the right times in your life. Even though I no longer live for Arcade Fire, the whole experience has sort of shaped me and how I look at music.

What band(s) have you been (are you) obsessed with?

  1. What a fantastic band, I would love to go to a concert… The National are also superb: Anyone’s Ghost is one of my all time favourite songs.

    • Anyone’s Ghost is awesome! Oh my gosh I completely forgot that song existed! I have to go look that up now.
      You should totally go to a concert the next time they’re touring. I definitely want to see them again someday.

      • Yeah, I’m definitely going to try.

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