I made a rainy day playlist, as it is raining and I obviously need a playlist for every type of weather:

Track list:

1. I Luv the Valley OH! by Xiu Xiu (pronounced shoe-shoe, something I didn’t know for a while.)

2. 2 by Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland

3. Southern Point by Grizzly Bear

4. No Tear by Perfume Genius

5. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi by Radiohead

6. Rainy Days and Mondays by the Carpenters. I GREW UP WITH IT OKAY?!!!

7. How Long Have You Known by DIIV (the dashing young sweater-lads down a bit in this post)

8. All Good Naysayers Speak Up… Or Forever Hold Your Peace by Sufjan Stevens (Or as I affectionately refer to him, Soofjay)


I actually love it when it rains. And, like, actual rain. None of that “drizzling” stuff.


All the best movies involve rain or at least gloomy weather and water.


Makes me want an obnoxiously baggy sweater like the singer guy from DIIV.

Actually, I kinda want an obnoxiously baggy sweater anyway, in any weather.

I kinda associate baggy sweaters with music that has lots of reverb in it. Like, Henry’s Dress made such  sweater songs.

Henry’s Dress – Hey Allison

That song’s just a warm, fuzzy, sweater.



A book has recently come into my life that has suddenly become the meaning of my very existence. No sarcasm or anything. I am telling you this from the bottom of my heart.

This book is called The Fault In Our Stars by a man called John Green.

I read it because I was at Barnes and Noble with my friend, scoping out the YA section and making fun of Vampire Books, and this lady who works there came up and told us that The Fault in Our Stars, the little blue hardback on the shelf with the fake handwritten title, was honestly, like, the absolute bestest book ever.

Well I have read it. I have scientifically tested this claim. This book ranks on a scale of one to ten over nine thousand. This book was without any doubt the very best book I have ever read. I used to think it was Slaughterhouse Five. Slaughterhouse Five pales in comparison.

If I could say one thing, and have it read by the entire world, it would not be “Love is all you need,” or “Peace, not war.” It would be “Read the Fault in Our Stars by John Green.” Like, my whole metaphysical structure has been broken down and built back up since I got it at the library approximately 24 hours ago.

And I almost felt, in the inner corner of my eye where the tear ducts reside, a tear beginning to form as I read (and re-read) the saddest, rawest, most truthful chapter ever.


Read meee!

The characters are so real and not what you would expect in “a book about cancer.”

I am a feminist vegan teenage girl. I listen to music as much as possible. I am full of the sharpest of wit.

This is my very first post, in which I will tell you what this blog is “all about.”

This blog is about music, fashion, art, books, movies, television, modern society, being a teenage girl in the modern world. Basically just whatever I want it to be about.

I will make a new post every day. Wait, no, almost every day.



I will keep it fresh. I will keep it real. I will keep it trippy.



So there you go. Here’s my blog.